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Performance Graded Binders

PG Binder Grade Verification (M320)
PG Binder Grade Determination (M320)

This specification covers asphalt binders graded by performance. Grading designations are related to the average seven-day maximum pavement design and minimum pavement design temperatures.

Rotational Viscosity (T316 / D4402)
This test method outlines the procedure for measuring the viscosity of asphalt binders at elevated temperature from 60 to over 200°C using a Rotational Viscometer apparatus as specified by M320 and R29.

Flash Point, Cleveland Open Cup (T48 / D92)
This test method describes the determination of the flash point and fire point of petroleum products.

Rolling Thin Film Oven/Mass Change (T240 / D2872)
This test is used to measure the effect of heat and air on a moving film of semi-solid asphalt materials. The test method is intended to simulate construction aging (hot-mix plant and lay-down oxidation). The effects of this treatment are determined from measurements of the properties of the asphalt before and after the test.

DSR (T315)
This test method covers the determination of the dynamic shear modulus and phase angle of asphalt binder when tested in dynamic (oscillatory) shear using parallel plate test geometry. This test method is intended for determining the linear viscoelastic properties of asphalt binders as required for specification testing and is not intended as a comprehensive procedure for the full characterization of the viscoelastic properties of asphalt binder.

Pressure Aging Vessel (R28 / D6521)
This practice covers the accelerated aging (oxidation) of asphalt binders by means of pressurized air and elevated temperature. This test method is intended to simulate in-service oxidative aging of asphalt binders and is intended for use with residue from T240 / D2872 (RTFO).

Bending Beam Rheometer (T313 / D6648)
This test method covers the determination of the flexural creep stiffness or compliance of asphalt binders by means of a bending beam rheometer. It is used to characterize the low temperature stiffness properties of the binder and its ability to resist thermal cracking.

Mixing and Compaction Temperature
This method utilizes measurements taken from the rotational viscometer to calculate logarithmically the temperature ranges at which the design mix should be mixed and compacted.

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